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Introducing Brew Friar - Software for home brewers

BrewFriar will help you make that first brew, BrewFriar is project based, that means that you will first setup your project, define what ingredients and equipment you need.
Then you just follow the process broken down in easy steps. BrewFriar will show you which step of the process you are in, what the next steps will be and when it needs to take place. The project screen will instantly show you when it's time to move your brew into the next step, how long it will be before you can bottle your brew and when it's ready to drink.
And to make life easier we included all of our favourite supply stores so you can get all the things you need to create a great brew.
Brewing should be fun, BrewFriar takes the difficulty and frustration out of the general steps.
We even included all the info you need to create your very first Belgian Wit beer or Apple Cider, hows that for easy.


Brew Friar Home brewing software features

  • Brew dictionary, helps you understand the lingo
  • Print your equipment and ingredient lists
  • Simple revision control, make changes to your recipes and roll them back if needed
  • Scale your recipes (by volume or efficiency), got a 10 gallon recipe, but want to make 5? scale it down.
  • Convert between metric and imperial
  • Comprehensive inventory management
  • Cost management and analysis
  • Easy one screen recipe overview
  • Enhanced brew profile manager
  • Shows you calories and carbs of your brew
  • Auto Saves projects
  • Brew Timers
  • Boil Timers
  • Conversion between Imperial & Metric
  • Auto correct ABV for bottle conditioning
  • Substitute Hops suggestion built into hop wizard
  • Popular online stores for supplies accesible via one click
  • Package support, select and update parts of the interface
  • Bottles needed estimator
  • ABV Calculator
  • Priming Sugar Calculator
  • Additives, Yeast, and Hops tracker
  • Conversion tools
  • Supports Import from BeerXML format (Brewsmith, BrewTarget, Brewers friend etc)
  • Export recipes to XML or JSON formats
  • Direct access to most popular online stores
  • Ingredients, Equipment, and brew steps tracker
  • Brew notes and history tracker
  • Remembers